The Stellenbosch Somm Bootcamp is a five-day intensive course featuring both online and practical immersion into Stellenbosch wine. Drawing on the Stellenbosch Terroir Toolkit, you will go on an immersive terroir tour through all four corners of Stellenbosch, covering aspects such as viticulture, tutored technical tastings, and site visits with producers and industry experts. This course will give you a full understanding of Stellenbosch’s terroir, its history, and an in-depth knowledge of the taste profiles of Stellenbosch’s champion varietals, as well as the chance to engage with wine producers and fellow wine professionals.

To complete the course, you will be expected to pass a quiz on Stellenbosch terroir, as well as give a presentation to a panel of judges to receive your coveted Stellenbosch wine ambassador’s pin.

We look forward to taking you on this Stellenbosch terroir learning experience.

Immersive Stellenbosch terroir experience

Site visits to benchmark vineyards and producers

Lectures by industry experts

Tutored technical tastings

Network with wine professionals

Upcoming Course

New Dates Coming Soon

Application deadline:

7 November 2022

Course Fee:

Free for all selected applicants. A maximum of 12 will be selected for each bootcamp.


If you’re a sommelier, beverage professional or work with wine in any hospitality space, apply for the Stellenbosch Somm Bootcamp today. Attendance is limited, so please send in your application without delay.

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